Operation: Vet Van Restoration

Oct 27, 2014

Atlas Chairman & CEO Glen Dunkerson and President & COO Jack Griffin pose in front of the refurbished van with members of the Retired Veteran's Memorial Club.

Atlas Van Lines recently donated its resources and services to restore a van used by the Retired Veteran’s Memorial Club based in Evansville, IN. The Veteran’s club travels throughout Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky to funeral services for retired Veterans, where they conduct rites and proper burial services at the ceremony.

Riding in Style 
In February 2014, the Veteran’s delivered their van to the Atlas Terminal, where it received a little TLC. The van was given a fresh coat of paint on the body and wheels. The American Flag and the Retired Veteran’s Memorial Club logo were restored to their original vibrant color and now, there are decals representing each branch of the military displayed across the rear of the van. The finished product gave the Veteran’s club something to be proud of. They now have a van that they feel pays the proper respect to their fallen brethren.

Thanks for your Service
Members of the club were so pleased with the restoration that they wanted to say thanks to Atlas Chairman & CEO Glen Dunkerson and President & COO Jack Griffin. Six members of the Retired Veteran’s Memorial Club made a special trip to Atlas headquarters to present the company with a plaque and express their gratitude. However, it’s safe to say, Atlas is just as grateful for the Veterans’ service and what they do ensure all Veterans are properly remembered.



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