Growth Leads To Expanded Service

Nov 09, 2015

Atlas Terminal Company shop
Atlas® Terminal Company (ATC) is quickly becoming a one stop shop in the transportation industry. Their business is fueled by equipment sales, including tractors, trailers, straight trucks, pack vans, and lift gates, as well as their full-service maintenance and repair facility. Providing these services, plus more, positions ATC as a valuable asset to Atlas Agents, their drivers and owner operators.

In 2014, ATC experienced 33 percent growth, which resulted in expansion of the company’s service offerings and increased labor demand. For example, ATC recently ventured into diesel repairs, hiring mechanics to service truck engines, drivetrain components, and more.

They’ve also augmented their roadside service program that aids van operators with breakdowns. The implementation of a new computer system allows terminal staff and drivers to efficiently and cost-effectively handle breakdowns or repairs with a step-by-step report.

With many initiatives on the horizon, ATC expects they’re on the right track to grow. First on the list is increased retail business. ATC recently aligned themselves with better quality vendors and more product lines for in-van equipment, like straps and dollies. They plan to open a retail store by the first quarter of 2016 to sell additional truck accessories.

According to Paul Young, Senior Director of Operations & Sales, ATC, growth isn’t just attributed to ATC’s broad range of services, but also to the added value and quality of service offered to drivers.

“Our prices and quality of customer care are unmatched. We want our customers to know that we’re bartering with vendors for lower costs, we’re buying in bulk to save money, and we’ll do whatever we can to get them a good deal,” said Paul. “ATC offers a shorter wait time, quality parts at about 30 percent less, and a workforce that grows in size and quality every year.”

“We attribute our growth to the guys who do all the work,” added Mike Spearin, Director of Fleet Maintenance, ATC. “They stay with us. Our turnover is very low. Maintaining the talent and years of experience in the shop allows us to provide quality service. We’re thankful that the Agents and owner operators keep coming back. We’ll keep growing our workforce to serve their needs.”

ATC tractor being painted
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