Corporate Relocation Survey Snapshot

Apr 20, 2015

2015 Corporate Relo Survey Shows Improving Industry Picture

48th relo survey cover

Who Responded:
We surveyed 494 professionals in human resources and relocation across a broad range of industry experience, balanced by company size. Half are employed in international firms. For complete results and analysis, go to:


The 48th Annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey reflects an improving economic picture and anticipates its continuation in 2015. 

Among the Findings:

  • Nearly half of all companies and 55 percent of international firms saw their relocation volumes increase. Few firms noted decreases, overall or internationally, and nearly half expect increases in 2015. 
  • Shrinking relocation budgets appear to be turning around. Almost half of firms reported budget increases and a similar number expect increases this year.
  • A dramatic shift continues in the allocation of relocation dollars for new hires. Lump-sum benefits again gained popularity as full- and partial-reimbursement benefits fell further from favor. (See Question 31)


  • Approximately two-thirds of firms report the use of alternative assignment types, far more than in previous years. Sixty-five percent have adopted a formal policy for short-term or temporary assignments, while 52 percent employ a policy for extended business travel and 41 percent have a policy for long-distance commuters. (See Questions 17 & 27)
  • Short-term international assignments are taking hold; more than a third report typical durations of 12 months or less. However, one-fourth of international relocations were permanent transfers.
  • Seventy percent of firms now have a policy on permanent international transfers, and 59 percent have adopted a localization policy. (See Question 17)
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