Bulking up for Lighter Weights

Apr 20, 2015

flextm delivers fast service to small moves



Bend, stretch, twist and give - all descriptors of how Atlas tweaked its traditional service model to deliver
flex, a solution for accommodating shipments weighing 4,000 pounds or less. 

flex is valuable for customers with small moves. It offers faster transit times without any changes to the professionalism or level of quality. Customers get a more concise timeframe for the pickup and delivery of their goods. Plus, professional packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and storage are still provided for items covered with Full Value Protection.

flex is also a way to address the overall cost of relocating. Faster transit times reduce temporary housing costs and other daily per diems, therefore putting money back in the pockets of customers.

“flex is about enhancing the move experience,” said Ryan McConnell, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Atlas Van Lines. “Whether we are assisting a private or corporate client, sometimes they need a solution that differs from our conventional service model.”

“As our mission statement says, we bring an unrivaled dedication to problem solving. Offering flex as a small shipment solution is a way we can demonstrate the value of the Atlas brand,” added Lauren Falls, Marketing Specialist at Atlas. “Our customers told us they wanted a faster delivery option, so we are providing a strong, flexible answer.”

flex expands the Atlas capability by leveraging alternate capacity outside the normal interstate network, but still leverages agency strengths for packing and loading. Agents can self-haul to the customer’s destination, or utilize Atlas Logistics to expedite hauling and increase capacity.

“A large advantage for Atlas Agents is operational efficiency. We can commit to more specific pickup or delivery windows, eliminating the need for re-planning of unassigned tonnage,” said Bill Paxton, COO & Treasurer at Paxton Van Lines (1610). “Using Atlas Logistics to transport the shipment between origin and destination gives us more defined and reduced transit times, allowing agents to confidently confirm dates with the customer. It also allows for greater capacity with our regional and long-haul fleets, helping us meet the demand of peak season and deliver on our commitments to customers year round.”

flex positions itself as a fast resolution for all parties involved in the move process. While Atlas Agents are pleased with the operational advantages, they’re even happier to provide customers with a small shipment solution.

“Having a delivery date prearranged with the destination agent cuts the transit days dramatically, and that makes happy customers,” commented Gregg Imlach, CEO of Imlach Group (1130). Bill agreed, adding “Customer satisfaction is top priority for all Atlas Agents. We have to demonstrate that small shipments are not just a commodity. They belong to people and require the same care, attention, and importance as any other move."



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