Say "Yes" with Titan's Capability

Aug 15, 2010

"The first project they handled went so well, it led to two more," says Bill, who manages the electronics and display business with Philpot Relocation Systems (2611) in Tucker, Georgia.

Bill says it all began with a phone call in November 2009 from a prospective customer who needed computers removed from sales displays and shipped to their warehouse.

"It was not the kind of job we typically handle," says Bill. "But I thought we might say yes with Titan's capabilities."

So Bill called Titan and explained the situation to Director of Special Projects, Wilda Poehler. The project was a perfect fit, and the Titan team put together a simple, yet detailed logistics plan.

"What Bill's customer needed was the kind of work we've handled many times," says Titan Service Representative, Ann Carlson.

First, Titan-qualified installers removed electronics from kiosks in seven different malls – all in three evenings, between closing and midnight. Then they packed and shipped the equipment to the customer-requested locations for timely arrival. Throughout the project, Ann monitored the progress and kept Bill apprised.

"The job went so well, after it was finished the customer e-mailed me to express their satisfaction," says Bill. "They asked me to call in January to discuss another six locations. We worked with Titan again, with the same great results."

In February, Bill came into another cooperative opportunity. An Internet-based IT company needed to relocate a data center from California to Boston. This time, Titan installers worked with the company's on-site technicians after hours to remove the systems. The Titan crew then delivered the equipment to a central warehouse; from there an Atlas truck transported it across the country.

"This was a win for everyone," says Bill. "Titan won, Atlas won, the customer was extremely pleased...and we're doing more work for them as a result."

When another customer on behalf of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico, contacted Philpot about handling a time-sensitive move of their data center, Bill again looked to Titan.

Atlas agents trust Titan Global Distribution to add value and delight customers for last-mile deliveries of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

"We have a good comfort level working together," says Bill. "Titan had relied on us in the past as a logistics partner. Now, we have found that we can rely on them. It gives us another selling tool."

Bill says he's now "more aware" of logistic opportunities that would have fallen by the wayside. "In the past, I had not been able to handle breakout programs or a final mile delivery across the country and now I can. I trust Titan."

Bill is not alone.

Other Atlas agents have leveraged the power of Titan with excellent results.

"A customer approached us about installing up to 100 pieces of decorative acrylic graphics, plus lettering, in each of 105 locations across the U.S.," recalls Vice President and General Manager Mike Shaughnessy, Alexander's Mobility Services (207). "We handed it off to Titan and just let the kudos roll in." On another occasion, Mike says Titan answered in Las Vegas, marshalling union labor to install fixtures for a high-end retail store in the new City Center. "The customer called back and gave us two more projects as a result."

Sales Representative Fred Neidhart, Alexander's Mobility Services (214), enlisted Titan to help him answer Rosetta Stone, the language-learning company. "Titan removed outdated software packages and placed new versions on the shelves in 138 kiosk locations – all on one night," says Fred. "It was difficult, because most of the kiosks are in airports with strict requirements for security clearance. Titan did an excellent job."

"Titan adds value for our customer," says Vice President Gary Louderback, Ace World-Wide Moving and Storage (0039). Gary relies on Titan for the assembly of retail store fixtures on national rollouts. "The nice thing is, we can provide everything for the customer on one invoice."

For Titan, there is no "typical" project. "We may be hanging artwork in offices or installing refrigerator-microwave combinations in university dormitories...each customer's needs are unique, and so is every job," says Wilda.

For example, Titan works with Broadway Specialized Transportation Services (1106) in New Jersey. Through Atlas Special Products, Broadway picks up paint display products from the designer-manufacturer, inventories them, and fulfills orders to stores nationwide via other Atlas agents.

"Increasingly, fixture-design clients recognize the added value of installation," says Wilda. "They themselves are competing for business based on what they can provide in the final mile."

Wilda adds that every new construction project represents a potential customer for an Atlas agent.

"You can count on us to analyze the requirements, develop a plan, and follow through. We take pride in finding creative ways to get things done and doing them well."


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