Avail: Satisfaction in Action

Aug 09, 2004


It's a little after nine o'clock on a Wednesday morning. Jack is about to go into a staff meeting when a pang of anxiety hits him. Are my golf clubs on the moving van? They're supposed to be, but... Amid all the bustle, I can't remember whether I even took them out of the car trunk...

During the meeting, Jack sends an urgent e-mail. The reply comes back quickly. The clubs are indeed on the truck and due to arrive at his new home on Friday, in plenty of time for the round he will play with his new boss on Sunday.

Sally, an executive with a major retailer, learns that severe weather has closed an interstate highway. Cars and trucks are abandoned. Rescue crews are taking people to shelters. She worries. Where are the trucks with my fixtures? Are they safe? Have they been rerouted? When will they arrive?

A message on her pager asks her to call the office. She learns the trucks have taken an alternate route. All parties at destination have been alerted and scheduling adjustments already made. Though slowed by the detour, the fixtures will be installed in time for the store opening. Sally is relieved.

What Jack and Sally experienced was the strength of information and the power of service, hallmarks of Avail Resource Management. This Atlas World Group subsidiary, which opened January 1, enables clients to optimize the efficiency of their transit functions through services that cover the gamut of relocation management...from day-to-day monitoring and communication through full-service solutions that encompass vendor management and consulting services.

Tier One Services: Not just "headsets and scripts"

Training and technology distinguish Avail customer service. Move coordinators undergo six weeks of in-depth instruction to gain a solid understanding of both the technical and emotional aspects of relocation. They are fully versed in all facets of van line operations, so when they answer a customer's question, they speak with a firsthand understanding. Training is steeped in Avail's culture of top shelf quality and customer service. Perhaps most important, the move coordinator is taught to engage a customer by listening closely and responding as needed, not just according to the dictates of a script.

Avail's powerful yet simple software means move coordinators don't have to spend a lot of time dealing with the technology. Rather, the technology allows them to spend more time dealing with customers. Over the course of any given relocation, between 60 and 70 different tasks come into play. A daily, auto-generated to-do list ensures that these tasks are performed in a timely fashion with regard to customer needs. The move coordinator's efficiency is further enhanced by real-time access to the information regarding a specific shipment.


Tier Two Services: Vendor Management and More

Beyond client needs for move coordination, Avail offers clients an exhaustive menu. A customized software solution called TrackStarSM provides very specific ratings of every service provider. Authorized users can see who does and does not meet a standard; clients get an excellent tool for improving the quality of vendor performance. TrackStar is updated continually, so information is always fresh. This proprietary software is the finest in the industry for organizing and managing information, and in the hands of the Avail staff it completes a "one-two punch" for delighting customers with the power of information and the strength of service. No other competing company has it.




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