Enter the Titan

Nov 02, 2006

There's a new name coming to Atlas World Group. It's a name that evokes the kind of strength you would associate with any family member that shares the Atlas identity.

Effective December 1, 2006, BDS Worldwide will become Titan Global Distribution. "The name reflects our aggressive move to become a provider of logistic and transportation solutions on an international scale," says Titan President and COO Dan Kelly.

BDS Worldwide acquired the assets and business of another firm in February 2004. Since then, the subsidiary has secured its footing in a specialized niche, providing transit, installation, and warehousing for some of the world's most prestigious brands in retail, food service and hospitality.

"The subsidiary has demonstrated its ability to perform profitably and with a dedication to Atlas values of integrity, quality and solutions," says Atlas World Group Vice Chairman, President and COO Jim Stamm. "This christening completes the transition to an identity that is consistent with the image of Atlas World Group."

In concert with the identity change, Titan will relocate its headquarters to new offices in the St. Louis area.

"As we begin to operate with a new identity and make the move to new offices, we intend to keep our focus on excellent service," says Dan. "Just as the name 'Titan' suggests, we want our customers to know that our commitment to them is stronger than ever."

A Display of Efficiency


BDS Worldwide and Atlas STG Bring Teamwork to Benjamin Moore.

Aunt Gertrude is a lovely lady. But sometimes she has trouble making up her mind. Take, for example, the time she went through five gallons of paint before she finally decided on the color that would look best with her cherry cabinets and mauve curtains.

Thanks to Benjamin Moore & Co., fussy decorators like Aunt Gertrude now have a common-sense tool to help them choose colors. The color sample display lets them try a color on for size before they commit to painting an entire room. And thanks to collaboration among Design Display Group, BDS Worldwide and Atlas STG, these displays are showing up in locations across the country.

"BDS and Atlas began working on this project for Benjamin Moore in May of 2004," says BDS Special Projects Manager Wilda Poehler. "In February of 2005 we teamed with Design Display Group. All told, BDS and Atlas have set more than 2800 units in place."

STG National Account Supervisor Darlene Duff says the BDS-Atlas partnership makes for efficient service.

"BDS sends us the orders with the information we need to register, coordinate and deliver," says Darlene. "We deliver anywhere in the U.S. within two weeks; our operators unpack the units and set them in place." BDS Sales Manager Mark Sesti believes the cooperative approach brought efficiency to the project right from the start.

"STG Vice President of Sales David Coulter and I met with representatives from Design Display Group and the marketing team of Benjamin Moore to gain a clear understanding of their expectations," says Mark. "We took the findings from that meeting to develop a solution using our combined strengths. Everyone involved with the project has benefited from this collaboration."

Design Display Group is a leader in merchandising design and display branding. Benjamin Moore & Co. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings.


Back to Life


As the city of New Orleans returns to life, one of its most famous hotels undergoes a massive effort to restore its elegant luster.

The world-renowned Fairmont Hotel on the outskirts of the French Quarter is the oldest hotel in New Orleans, dating to 1893 when it opened as the Grunewald. It is said to have housed the country's first night club, The Cave, a subterranean supper club that featured waterfalls, stalactites, and chorus girls dancing to Dixieland jazz. The name was later changed to The Roosevelt in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. It became known as the Fairmont New Orleans in 1965.

Ever since the city's fateful encounter with Katrina, the Fairmont New Orleans has been vacant. But its return to magnificence is on the horizon, and BDS Worldwide is playing a key role in the massive effort.

"It's amazing to see the difference that a relatively short distance made in the water levels downtown," says BDS Director of Installation Bill Dickerson.

Bill says that just twelve blocks west of the hotel's location at Baronne and Canal Streets, buildings were relatively unscathed. But The Fairmont suffered severe damage when water submerged electrical and HVAC systems beneath the building.

"We began work on July 5 to gut the building," says Bill. "We emptied its 701 rooms of casework, artwork, and mirrors. Anything covered with fabric was a loss."

A 15-person BDS crew worked for 8 weeks, shuttling three trailer loads a night, or 120 total loads, to storage. They filled 52,000 square feet of a fully air-conditioned warehouse. Inside the warehouse, restoration experts perform the necessary cleaning and refinishing to make the elegant wood furnishings and fixtures ready.

The time frame for delivery and installation is uncertain, Bill says, pending decisions by building code authorities.

"Right now we are crating and organizing the pieces, and we'll be ready when the building is ready," says Bill. "We'll work from the top down in 150-room lots...we have an extremely efficient plan."




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