• Diverse Entrepreneurs, Following a Common Vision

    Over the last year and a half, the Amplifier® has reported on how Atlas leadership is facing the future. We looked at forces squeezing the industry: pricing, capacity, and compliance. We wrote about the design of a five-year plan, Vision 2018. Most recently, we trained our sights on value as a key differentiator for the Atlas brand.

    In this issue, we bring a “boots on the ground” perspective. How do Atlas Agents view the unfolding strategy? Is it answering the questions of pricing, capacity, and compliance? Where do opportunities still exist?

    Atlas Agencies are independently owned and operated. Some employ hundreds of people, some employ a handful. Most offer the entire range of moving and storage services, but some serve niche markets. Some have flown the Atlas flag for generations, others are fairly new to the brand. Such diversity has always been fundamental to the van line’s character.
  • AtlasNet® Is Your Business Advantage

    AtlasNet Customer Manager (ACM) is revolutionizing the way customers interact with Atlas and our network of Agents.
  • Reducing Our Impact

    “We have an opportunity,” says Marketing Specialist Phoebe Hodina. “Sustainable practices are not only critical for our planet and our communities, they are also good for business.”







  • In Memoriam, John Steiner

    John W. Steiner, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and member of the Atlas family, passed away on September 16,...
  • Promotions and New Hires

    Jim McMurray General Counsel, Atlas World Group Help us welcome Jim McMurray, Vice President, General Counsel and Se...
  • Leading the Moving Industry

    AMSA Elects Atlas Chairman & CEO to Chairmanship In February, members of the American Moving & Storage Associ...