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Atlas. Better Than Ever. Right Now.

Atlas better than ever right now.

"The Atlas brand is special, " says Jack Griffin, President and COO, Atlas World Group. "It represents service professionalism, industry leadership, and an exceptional business opportunity. There has never been a better time to be Atlas than right now."

As Jack's words suggest, the company that helps people go new places® is, itself, moving ahead. Like a city teeming with development, Atlas is building the structures that provide strength and growth. This issue of the Amplifier looks at some of the exciting things taking place within Atlas right now:

Atlas Technology

Breakthroughs in Technology

Atlas agents are bringing to customers the efficiency of mobile computing to save time and make estimating and inventory functions easier.

Direct Marketing Program Online

Creative Twists in Direct Marketing

An eye-popping selection of branded messages and a system for targeted delivery offers Atlas agents a creative approach to developing new business.

Atlas Logistics

New Synergy in Logistics

Atlas Logistics, a new comprehensive solution, gives customers the convenience of a single resource for any logistics scenario.

"How-To" Messages Come to the Screen

Atlas is engaging viewers in the video age with new "how-to" video clips that prepare them to move well.

Agent Web Marketing Program

Sharper Focus on Agent Web Marketing

An array of new tools is helping agents see the optimum return on their internet marketing efforts.

New Marketing Partnership

Atlas joins Keller Williams Realty, Inc., creating happy customers via referrals from the country's largest real estate franchise company.

Atlas Network

New Strengths in the Atlas Agent Network

Atlas welcomes new entrepreneurs and celebrates the veterans who strengthen the Atlas brand.


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