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Partnership Solves Complex Logistics Equation

Parternership Solves Complex Logistics Equation

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In January, Ace World-Wide Moving & Storage Co. (39) and AWG Logistics answered this scenario for Ascena Retail Group Inc. The company was closing its Fashion Bug stores and needed to transfer some of the fixtures to its Lane Bryant stores.

"It was a logistical puzzle," says Gary Louderback, Vice President Ace World-Wide. "Usually, store fixtures move from one origin location, as in a rollout. But in this case, they were all over the country."

What made it even more challenging is that most of the fixtures were moving long distances, far from the state or region where they originated. Gary consulted with AWG Logistics, whose planning experts went to work on a solution.

Lane Bryant Display AWG Logistics and Ace World-Wide Moving & Storage (39) partnered on a complex logistics solution in January. In a two-week time frame, the project saw the successful relocation of a variety of merchandising fixtures from Fashion Bug to Lane Bryant Stores. Items moved included four-way and two-way clothing racks, ballet bars, and undergarment tables.

"We found a way to save time and expense for the customer by drawing on the resources of Atlas' Specialized Transportation Group fleet, our agency network, and qualified third parties," says Matt Van der Linde, Vice President and General Manager AWG Logistics.

"We routed groups of five to seven stores per truck, using a last-on, first-off approach to deliver in the most efficient manner."

Despite the complexity of changing variables, the logistics partnership aced every measure of success. Each pickup and delivery was made on time, and there were no claims.

"We were pleased to bring this together for Ascena," says Matt. "It shows the value of combining the assets and strength of the Atlas network with the supplemental resources available through AWG Logistics to achieve the best outcome for our customer."

Logistics Team

The AWG Logistics team, standing (from left to right): Kevin Doyle, Julie Butts, Nancy Knight, Scott Oliver. Sitting: Matt Carlson, Matt Van der Linde, Mark Haller, Garrett Hall.


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