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Atlas Continues to Go New Places

You've got it in you to go new places. So do we. We go there every day.

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Earlier this year, Atlas introduced a new message and a new way of thinking about moving: Go New Places™. A global network of professionals deliver on this promise with resources, know-how and flexibility. They bring proven systems in corporate relocation, home moving, logistics, and commercial, office and industrial moving.

The message is simple, and the answers are as unique as people themselves. Your new place may be simply finding a new way of doing things in your organization. Or your new place might involve moving a household to an entirely new spot on the globe. Or maybe you need to move many things to many spots on the globe, all at once. "Go New Places...on the map, in the mind, or in the heart," that's what a video on the home page of says. We know that even the smallest moves can have significant impact on families and businesses. That's why, no matter the challenge, you can trust Atlas to help you Go New Places.

New Atlas Partners

New Partners Mean New Business.

"Keeping our promises leads to new partnerships," says Vice President of Corporate Marketing Ryan McConnell. "We work closely with our partners to bring them ideas for added value."

Atlas currently nurtures special relationships with AAA, RealLiving®, Cartus®, and The PGA of America™, among others. These typically include preferred pricing and services tailored to the organizations' members. A growing list of international partners, licensed to represent the Atlas brand, supports door-to-door service quality globally. Volume from partnerships has grown steadily over the last two years, with referrals coming primarily through online requests for pricing. Atlas matches these inquiries to agents who meet or exceed specific standards for service.

"Partnerships are a great value-added opportunity for our partners' customers, and bring new opportunities for Atlas agents," says Marketing Specialist Sarah Whitaker.

New Atlas Agents Support Promise with Depth, Commitment.

"Atlas keeps its word with a strong agency network," says Atlas President and COO Jack Griffin. "We're especially pleased when we can welcome a new agent, or celebrate the success when a member of our agency family expands." As members of AMSA, every Atlas agent carries the ProMover certification of quality and ethical operation. And each brings the energy and desire that enable customers to Go New Places™.

Vector...A Move Ahead, Inc. (2065) joins the Atlas family as a full-service agency serving the Bay Area of California. The company has built a reputation for service that dates to 1989. It supports professional excellence with memberships in the BBB, California Public Utilities Commission, and California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA).

Atlas welcomes Moyer and Sons Moving and Storage, Inc. (439) of Clarksburg, Maryland, one of the largest moving companies in the Washington D.C. area. It has been in operation since 1969, earning respect for its service quality, especially among government customers. Nearly three of every four moves the agency performs are for government employees.

'H' Moving & Storage, Inc. (1049), with operations based in Killeen, Texas, joins the Atlas agent family. The company is known for personalized service that simplifies moving for customers. It brings special strengths to household goods and office moves, and supports these with 98,000 square feet of warehouse capacity.

AWG Logistics

When Atlas brand managers met last year to refine the company's marketing strategy, they looked closely at three markets: household goods; logistics and special products; and commercial, office and industrial moves.

"Each market has its own concerns, and we serve each with competitive efficiency," says Atlas President and COO Jack Griffin. "In particular, we found an opportunity to grow share in the logistics segment."

This fall, Atlas World Group launched AWG Logistics. The new company provides total distribution solutions—origin to destination—as well as stand-alone services for transportation, warehousing, final mile, project management, and reverse logistics.

"We're making it easy for our customers to see the results they expect in their supply chain," says AWG Logistics Vice President and General Manager Matt Van der Linde. "We bring the cost efficiency of a non-asset based provider, backed by the extensive transportation and warehouse assets of the Atlas network. We have the flexibility to answer the pricing, timing, and quality requirements of virtually any logistics challenge."

DriveAtlas Supports Successful Fleet Growth.

To meet increased demand for Household Goods shipments and to bolster infrastructure for AWG Logistics, Atlas mounted an aggressive campaign early this year to recruit qualified drivers. Banner advertising on selected trucking sites pointed candidates to, where they learned about the Atlas career opportunity.

"We set an ambitious goal to recruit 100 professionals," says Atlas Director of Corporate Resources Paul Young. "To date, we have brought in 83, including owner-operators for our commercial truckload shuttle fleet and our special products division, as well as ten new company driver positions."

Atlas' Bold New Look

An updated Atlas brand prompts the first major revision to graphics on Atlas equipment since the 1970s. The contemporary design supports the new brand promise. (Atlas Agents: For details on equipment painting, see the Departments menu on AtlasNet: Admin/Terminal Services —> Atlas Terminal —> Paint Program.)

Healthy New Directions.

For Atlas, helping people go new places extends to employees and their need to stay healthy. For this reason, the company has invested in a wellness center on site. It allows direct access to affordable healthcare services for employees and family members who participate in the company's insurance plan.

Services include first aid, treatment for common illnesses, and prescription services, plus wellness services such as blood testing, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, and health education.

"We want to help employees maintain healthy lifestyles and take preventive measures to ensure their well-being for many years to come," says Vice President of Human Resources Nancy Priebe.

You're Going There, Every Day.

Because you go new places every day, our promise is to help you do it easier and more securely. And for the thousands of people who proudly represent Atlas, it's even more than a promise. It's a way of life. In the pages that follow, you will see that Atlas people are on the move. Because, like you, our people are not satisfied with things as they are; they're not resting on past successes. Atlas people welcome the move to new places...and the exciting opportunities that come with it.

Get Evansville Moving

Get Evansville Moving.

Evansville, Indiana Mayor Lloyd Winnecke encourages the Evansville community to shed unwanted pounds and feel better via a fitness challenge. And nobody in Evansville knows more about moving than employees at Atlas Van Lines! Check out their fun and funky "Go You Chicken Fat Go" on the Atlas YouTube Channel.


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