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Atlas Canada in Key Role for Arctic Development

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When you hear the phrase "go new places,™" do you picture yourself inside the arctic circle? If you do, perhaps you will be part of one of the most dramatic economic migrations of our time.

"The northern areas of Canada are in the early stages of opening to development," says Atlas Canada Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Fred Haladay. "Over the next thirty years, we will see a massive influx of people and major investments by industry."

"With that influx," says Fred, "will come the need for transportation, including the household goods expertise of Atlas Canada."

In February, at the invitation of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Fred represented Atlas at the Northern Lights Conference in Ottawa. The event drew over 1,000 delegates to discuss economic development in Nunavut, Nunavik, Labrador and Nunatsiavut. The four territories account for about 27 percent of Canada's land mass and hold an enormous reservoir of natural resources. The sole household goods carrier in attendance, Atlas brought unique insight for planning.

"As the exclusive carrier for Nav Canada, and a long-time provider to Canada's government agencies, we are trusted for serving people in remote regions," says Fred. "Over the last ten years, we have relocated about 5,500 families in and out of the northern territories. We know what it takes, and what it takes to do it well."

Proven expertise put Atlas Canada at the table with senior people of the northern governments, as well as representatives from the Petroleum Producers Association and the Mining Prospectors Association.

"More than a service provider, Atlas is filling an advisory role because of our expertise in specialized handling and building a network of successful entrepreneurs," says Fred.

Investments in the territories will be measured in billions over the coming years. And it will take an infrastructure of people and equipment to get materials in. The Canadian Government is committed to seeing it through, and Atlas is committed to being the partner who can make it happen. A follow-up conference in April will focus on removing obstacles so business and governments can more easily work together.

"We're pleased to be a partner in this process," says Fred. "There is a real opportunity to help the northern areas grow their populations and wealth, and we can grow with them."

Fred Haladay, Atlas Canada, stands on the Arctic Ocean.

Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Fred Haladay, Atlas Canada, stands on the Arctic Ocean. Canada's northern territories are poised to expand their populations and develop their natural resources. Atlas Canada is partnering with governments to plan for the transportation of people and their belongings to and from the region. Fred notes that in recent years, the harsh climate has moderated, making the northern areas more conducive for living and development.


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