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TECHNOLOGY: Taking Us to New Places

With AtlasNet Inventory, the PVO scans items as they are loaded and unloaded. This allows the customer a clear view of progress at destination. "AtlasNet Inventory gives customers options, depending on how involved they want to be," says Director, IT Development (Operations) Joab Schultheis. "If they choose, the customer may scan items as they come into the house. They can look at the screen and see what's been unloaded and what's still on the trailer."

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Introducing AtlasNet Inventory: "Easiest and Best in Industry"

The future is here, with new speed and accuracy for the Atlas inventory process. Following a successful pilot program in the fourth quarter of 2011, Atlas is now rolling out AtlasNet Inventory. This new tool is the result of extensive collaboration between Atlas IT, agents and PVOs. Over the last year, they have refined an automated process for the descriptive inventory, a crucial document on every Atlas shipment. It uses an iOS device (iPad2 or newer, or iPhone) with a scanner to record the movement of all items on and off the truck.

The system-generated descriptive inventory is clear and legible. It requires the customer to sign only once.

AtlasNet Inventory brings big service benefits.

Accuracy. The process helps ensure all items are documented accurately. It greatly reduces the potential for missing items.

Reduced Liability. During inventory, the PVO can take photos of items as well as the home's interior. These photos attach a visual record for the electronic file, reducing the chance for pre-existing damage to enter the claims process.

Clarity. Rather than a handwritten document, the inventory becomes a neat, system-generated document that is easy to read. This enhances the document's usefulness throughout the service cycle for everyone who references it.

Convenience. Unlike the handwritten inventory, which required signatures on every page, the AtlasNet Inventory requires the PVO and customer to sign only once, saving time. The PVO can print the inventory document or email it to the customer.

The new AtlasNet Inventory solution brings the ease and accuracy of barcoding to the descriptive inventory. "Customers like seeing this process take place," says PVO Tammara Beard, Herren's Twin Cities Moving & Storage, Inc. (831). "It reinforces professionalism they expect...and it lets them take part if they wish."

Minimal Investment for Agents and PVOs

Atlas provides AtlasNet Inventory to Atlas Agents and PVOs at no cost. The app is available as a free download; the only investment is hardware, which the user owns. This includes an iOS mobile device (iPad2 or newer, or iPhone), scanner and printer. Minimum outlay is about $1000, excluding monthly data plan.

To request more information or be placed on the list to become an AtlasNet Inventory user, contact the IT Help Desk. Following the conversion of agents that participated in the pilot, and some of the prime fleet, IT will handle requests in the order received.

Track Shipment Replaces ASIST.

In January, Atlas introduced Track Shipment as a replacement for ASIST. The new system gives users a web interface that is consistent with what they see on their mobile devices when they track Atlas shipments using moveAtlas™ (Android, iOS).

Corporate users access Track Shipment through the Atlas Infocus site, an extranet Atlas maintains exclusively for them. Individual customers have access through MyAtlasVanLines.

All users have enhanced security with the ability to reset their own password. Corporate users can query the system to search their moves. For example, they can see which moves are scheduled to load in the next 7 days, or which shipments are currently in transit. They can also search for shipments by employee name or shipment number.


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