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You've Got it in You to Go New Places

You've got it in you to go new places. So do we. We go there every day.

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New Places.

Every day, you go new places. Sometimes it's just a small change in how you do things in your organization. Sometimes it's actually moving things to new places on the globe. In any case, going new places affects the well-being of your business and, sometimes, the lives of entire families.

If you work in corporate relocation, logistics, or commercial moving, you've got it in you to go new places. So does Atlas. We began taking customers new places more than 60 years ago. Today, as one of the best known and most trusted names in moving, "every day is moving day for us.™"

Nearly 500 Atlas agents span the U.S. and Canada. Another 300 international partners help us cover the globe. The combined network enables Atlas to move anything or anyone, virtually any place in the world. Atlas companies bring innovation and value in three distinct divisions:

  • Corporate Relocation/Household Goods
  • Logistics & Specialized Transportation
  • Commercial/Office & Industrial

Corporate Relocation and Moving Services

Corporate Relocation:
Complete Transferee Satisfaction.

"One of the biggest advantages for customers working with Atlas is access," says Atlas International Vice President and General Manager Jim Gaw. "With one point of contact, you can engage Atlas Van Lines, Avail Move Management, Atlas International, and Cornerstone Relocation Group. These represent everything needed to bring complete satisfaction to a transferee, virtually any place in the world."

Atlas makes the client's relocation policy central to service, with absolute compliance. In addition, Atlas helps inform the industry on policy in broad terms. Since 1968, the Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey has explored policy shifts and trends in relocation (see Corporate Relocation Survey Amplifier article).

"Day in and day out, we answer both the requirements of policy and the needs of the transferee," says Robert Burch, Vice President of Business Development for Alexander’s Mobility Services (214). "We welcome the challenge — it brings out the best we have and leads to improvements for every customer we serve."

Logistics & Specialized Transportation

Logistics & Specialized Transportation:
Global Reach, Local Resources.

"Our history in logistics goes back over 35 years, beginning in the mid-70s," says Vice President of STG Sales David Coulter.

Atlas Logistics & Specialized Transportation combines an in-house logistics management staff with worldwide resources. The result is an efficient global network for transportation, warehousing and distribution.

"The Atlas Agent family alone maintains 660 warehouse locations with over 18 million square feet of secure space," says David. "Our agent network includes top specialists who understand the unique requirements of electronics, exhibits, fine art and store fixtures."

Atlas Logistics & Specialized Transportation makes product launches, trade shows, and special deliveries worry-free, around the world, every day.

Commercial Moving / Office and Industry

Commercial/Office & Industrial:
Local Facility Management, Worldwide Resources.

"Atlas Agents bring the same commitment to office and industrial moves they are known for in logistics and corporate relocation," says Wade Bute, General Manager of Ace World Wide (711). "Every day, Atlas commercial movers are on site at corporate offices, government facilities, factories, hospitals, laboratories or cleanrooms, hotels, restaurants, schools and libraries."

Atlas commercial teams handle projects ranging from relocating delicate electronics systems to oversized loads requiring rigging and heavy hauling. The service typically begins with a detailed plan, and follows through to the final placement of furnishings, electronics and equipment.

"A top priority on every commercial move is timing," says Wade. "It is especially important to minimize the customer's downtime." To support the greatest efficiency, Atlas commercial moves are finely choreographed.

Simple Promise Repositions Atlas Brand.

"It pays to boil down your strategy to one simple promise, and go the whole hog in delivering that promise." — Legendary Adman David Ogilvy (1911-1999), Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Something exciting is taking hold at Atlas. Going into the 2012 moving season, the company is speaking to the market with a new voice. The statement is clear, and it sets Atlas apart.

"Atlas is a different company than it was even ten years ago," says President Jack Griffin. "When we looked at all that we have become, and all the potential that is ours to build on, we had to ask: Does our message differentiate our brand? Does it resonate? The answer on both counts was no."

So, Atlas Corporate Marketing took on a challenge. Tell the Atlas story in clear, compelling terms. Connect with people on an emotional level. Make them want to say "Wow!"

The new branding started in early 2011 with the assembly of a task force from throughout the Atlas network.

"We knew our process would be best served with differing perspectives," says Vice President of Corporate Marketing Ryan McConnell. "We drew on the talents of 20 professionals — subsidiary principals, agency leaders, and consultants. Everyone at the table brought something of value to the mix."

The first order of business: deconstruct the existing brand message, and uncover planks on which to construct the new one. Prior positioning had focused on the company's core values of integrity, quality, and solutions. "We feel strongly that these values are essential to who we are," says Ryan. "But other companies can lay claim to the same values...our values alone do not adequately set us apart."

"More importantly," says Ryan, "a brand message should further an emotional connection. We want to reach people in a way that makes them feel as much as it makes them think. So, when they are thinking about moving, they have feelings about Atlas that are positive, supportive, reassuring, and inviting."

The team focused first on key attributes of the Atlas brand, which are: uniqueness, a high-quality network of agents and partners, unmatched in service; technology, the best tools in the business, refined over years of investment; and access, whereby customer contact with any part of the company opens the door to an entire range of moving services.

"We see the wisdom in speaking to the market with a new, fresh voice," says Ryan. "Beyond our brand promise, our marketing messages should be relevant to the specific interests of each customer."

Ryan points out that the industry has traditionally served three primary segments: household goods, logistics, and office and industrial moves. "Going forward, we'll target our messages according to these segments. It just makes sense."

You've got it in you to go new places.
So do we. We go there every day.

The brand team's efforts came together in a simple message that expresses the unique promise of the Atlas brand: Go New Places.™ The phrase is now integral to the brand mark, which has been modified slightly to convey a more contemporary character.

Members of the Atlas Brand Team

Members of the Atlas brand team introduce the message, "Go New Places," to the audience at the Atlas Convention during November 2011. At the microphone: Gregg Imlach, CEO of Imlach Group (1130). To his right, Vice President Atlas Corporate Marketing Ryan McConnell.

"It was exciting to see the cooperation — all the Atlas divisions coming together for customers as a cohesive whole," says branding team member Gregg Imlach, CEO of Imlach Group (1130). "This is a big step for everyone who represents the Atlas brand. It creates a clear picture of the many services we can provide. Like Atlas' worldwide capabilities, our marketing message continues to grow in the right direction."

"Atlas has the ideas, the tools and the people for extraordinary success," says Chairman and CEO Glen Dunkerson. "Whether it's a place on the map, a place in a career, or simply a better way of doing things, we are perfectly positioned to help people go new places."

"The work of building a brand is never complete,” says Jack. "It evolves continuously. But you can certainly point to milestones. This new message marks an important advance for Atlas, and for every agent and customer we serve."

Getting the Word Out.
Atlas Social Networks Offer Innovative Uses of Media.

Besides the print and graphic collateral that support the launch of a new message, Atlas marketing professionals are revisiting every aspect of the company's identity to ensure consistency.

One of the most fruitful avenues for sharing the new Atlas message is via social media. "Our social networks are growing," says Senior Marketing Specialist Kerri Hart. "More and more agents are finding they can reach people easily using the tools available to them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube."

As brand team member Larry Lammers, President and CEO of Ace Relocation Systems (62), points out: "We need to communicate with people where they are most comfortable. Well before, and especially as a prospect is preparing to make a move, we want them to think of Atlas as the company with fresh ideas to help them go new places."

New Atlas Branding in Print

New Message Goes Into Print.

If you've been around Atlas for very long, you're likely familiar with one particular piece of company literature. "Let Atlas Take You Home" has educated tens of thousands of customers about moving. Now, that piece is being replaced by a new one, Go New Places.™ This 16-page brochure describes what customers can expect from Atlas, and how they can prepare for the best move experience. All new Atlas branding follows the Go New Places message — describing how Atlas can help them go to virtually any new place, more easily and more securely.

New Atlas Branding in Print
Go New Places Photoshoot

Visualizing Go New Places.™
Agency and Associates Play Big Supporting Role.

Page through the new Go New Places™ communications and you'll see real Atlas people alongside a few professional models. Thanks to Alexander's Mobility Services (217), the Atlas marketing team enjoyed three days of unlimited moving services from Professional Van Operator Sean Bowen and three crews. Not only did the Atlas professionals actually move home furnishings across town and around homes to help set up photos, they also worked in front of the camera, as well as lending their equipment to the photos. Timing a shoot can be difficult. Some of the furniture hauling for the shoot included late night pick-ups and returns of furnishings at odd hours.

"Everyone involved was willing to go the extra mile to help coordinate the photo shoots," says Atlas Senior Marketing Specialist Kerri Hart. She continues, "Their professionalism and dedication, despite the long hours, made the shoots successful. They did an outstanding job!" When asked about his part in the photos, Sean said, "It was hard work and some long days, but it wasn't as tough as some of our normal days. We were all happy to be a part of the photos."

Helping Sean during the shoot were Crew Members Mark Foley, Donnie Craun, Bernardino Munoz (Nino), Jesse Boyle, Dustin Hadden, Jeremi Currier and Bob Pisz.


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